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Here you can find articles and videos to help guide you through many aspects of DemandStar:

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Research & Planning

Learn how to register and search for previously awarded bids on DemandStar.

Viewing awarded bids can help you craft a more competitive proposal.

Connect to Government Procurement Divisions in Your Area

Exploring the Bid Details Page

Benefits of the DemandStar Network

How to Successfully Use a Procurement Network

Preparing The Bid

Read our top 10 tips for winning government work!

New to government bidding, or just want to improve? Here are a few tips and tricks we’ve seen from the winning bids on DemandStar.

Sample of a Winning Proposal

Never Do This When Answering an RFP

Top 10 Tips For Winning Bids

Benefits of 8(a) Business Development Program

Submitting The Bid

Electronic Bidding (eBidding) is an easy way for agencies to evaluate proposals.

Submit your bid response in minutes through your DemandStar account.

Template for a Winning Government Bid

Three Steps to Filling a Winning eBid

Responding to a Quote

Get New Government Work by Demonstrating Old Government Work

Receiving the Bid Award

Once you’re awarded a bid, you will receive an email notification from the agency, including any next steps.

DemandStar provides you with simple tools that enable you and the agency to manage, send, and receive documents from each other.

Account Management

Learn how to manage your account and change settings or users.

How to Apply to Certifications

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