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The Benefits of the DemandStar Procurement Network

Not all procurement networks are built the same. When moving into online procurement, it’s important to choose a network that offers all the features and benefits your business needs to secure government contracts. DemandStar recognizes how important their service is not only to government procurement agents but to the vendors that choose the platform as their way to connect and bid on government jobs. Here are a few benefits and features that are designed to put your business ahead of the game.

RFP instant notifications
While it is recommended that vendors search for available contracts on their own, DemandStar knows that you’re busy running your own business and managing projects and employees. Building your pipeline so that you’ve got the next job lined up is imperative but can sometimes fall to the wayside when there’s so much else to handle. DemandStar helps you find future jobs by sending government opportunities that match your qualifications right to your inbox with instant notifications. 

Online responses and eBidding
When all the forms and documents you need to complete are in one place, you’ll be able to quickly respond and bid on RFPs right from your vendor portal. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you want to apply for a new project, either. Simply look through your previous bids and select one that’s close and updated as necessary. Having an easy-to-use online portal means never having to start from scratch. 

Competitive intelligence
The more information you have, the better! A competitive intelligence feature can provide immense benefits to vendors, especially those just starting out in government procurement. This will allow you to see which other vendors have downloaded the bid documents and submitted a response. Use this information to learn about the competition and then create a bid that will stand out

Bids posted directly from governments

There is plenty of bid scraping sites that pull bid details every once in a while from government websites and compile them for you. But these quickly go out of date as buyers update details and respond to queries from other vendors. With a dynamic process, it’s always much better to source your information from a procurement platform with a direct connection to governments. DemandStar for instance is updated directly by government buyers. Businesses can source opportunities with confidence knowing that they are receiving the most updated information and are therefore more competitive.

Subscription options that meet you where you are

Procurement networks strive to make bid sourcing easier. For vendors looking to get started maybe it makes sense to go with a platform that offers free access to its bids with features that help you find opportunities that fit your business nearby. Or maybe you’re more established in government work and want a service that proactively sends state-wide or national bid opportunities. DemandStar offers different ways to get started depending on your size and need. The reason we did this is to ensure that 1) all governments had an opportunity to share their bids and 2) that government work became more accessible for all businesses, both big and small.

Are you looking for ways to proactively or passively get notifications about new government projects? Get started on DemandStar for free with free auto-notifications from one government agency near you!