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Get New Government Work by Demonstrating Old Government Work

As a vendor, you may be wondering how you can get additional government work. After all, there are hundreds of billions of dollars in government contract work up for grabs each year. For a contractor looking to make a good impression in their bid, the answer may lie in past projects. Working on a public sector project is a skill of its own, and a seasoned vendor may get a leg up. If you’ve worked on government projects in the past, even if it’s not quite in the same capacity for the role in which you are currently applying, you may want to lead with your past government work. Here’s why!

Establishes credibility
Government procurement agents may be skittish about awarding contracts to organizations that haven’t done public sector work before. They want to work with vendors who can jump right in and understand the process. Leading your proposal with past performance examples can relieve those fears. It demonstrates to the procurement agent that you are ready and understands the ins and outs of government contracting. It also establishes that you’ve already been successful in completing projects for the public sector. 

Provides an avenue for trusted references
Good references can be key in securing new work. Even if the project would have you serving in a different capacity than previous government contracts, leading with old government work will provide the government procurement agent of the new project a trusted avenue for a reference ⎯ to the procurement agent from your previous contract! Being able to get positive feedback from another procurement agent will further the evidence that you can professionally and effectively complete a government contract. 

Shows your desire to continue the relationship
Since you’ve already worked with a government agency before, applying for another project confirms for the procurement agent that you understand public sector work and that you’re excited for the opportunity to continue that relationship. Some vendors may apply for the contract and not fully understand what working in the public sector will entail. By putting your old government projects at the top, you show your desire to continue your association with government agencies. 

Old ushers in new
Old projects are a fantastic way to show government procurement agents that you’re up to the task. By establishing credibility and allowing them to reach out to other government agencies for a reference, their fears about engaging with you as a vendor will diminish. It also shows that you’re excited about government work and wants to continue as a government contractor. By leading with your older projects, you can catch the attention of procurement agents increasing the likelihood of them reaching out to include you in the next bid phase.

Are you a seasoned government contractor with past performance examples? What advice do you have for vendors trying to get more government work?