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Registering for Government Contracts One County (or 500 Employers) at a Time

You know what they say: Work smarter, not harder. What if instead of checking each government agency in your area individually for new work opportunities, there was a way to fill out one central profile and connect to all of the government procurement divisions in your area? It’s possible with a digital bid network! 

From schools to sewage, from vector control to police departments, bidding programs allow vendors to scout for contracts with one simple profile. Depending on the size of the region and the enrollment status of each agency, that could include RFPs from up to 500 different project-procurement entities.

What are the benefits of a digital bid network?
If you’re not yet familiar with government procurement, the benefits of bidding networks may not be immediately apparent. However, this type of network is a gateway to a variety of perks. As mentioned above, it allows small business owners to save time and fill out one centralized profile to connect with hundreds of procurement agents.  Even better, the software will send you notifications to new requests for proposals (RFP) that fit your business profile. You already have enough on your plate running your business, hunting in multiple places for government projects is not the best use of your time. You’ll be able to stay organized with one central application hub, downloading RFP documents and then submitting your proposals online. You can also get some competitor insight by seeing who else has downloaded the bid and submitted responses. By engaging with this type of service, you’ll be able to make the most of your time while prospecting for your next project. 

Why do it this way?
You may think to yourself, “Why apply for so many departments when I specialize in certain services?” The short reason is that you never know what one department may need, but it’s unlikely that you’ll know each department’s specific posting location to check for RFPs. It’s also cumbersome to check multiple listings over and over again. Additionally, if you haven’t been able to secure a government contract yet, you may simply need to find the right project to get your foot in the door. While the school system and police departments are large, well known, and often checked, other smaller agencies that you may not be thinking of could help you land your first government gig. By registering with all of the procurement entities in the county, you may be able to find that sweet spot project that can get you on the path to more government work.  

Let the opportunities come to you
There are a variety of departments and procurement entities right in your county. With one simple electronic bidding profile, you’ll be able to register to automatically receive bid notifications from hundreds of decision-makers looking for their next contractor. 

Have you already used electronic bidding software, like DemandStar, to register with your county or state? What government agencies did you find through the network that you wouldn’t have thought to pursue individually?