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Frequently Asked Questions

How does DemandStar make money? 

We’re free for governments and we’re free for businesses. Some businesses find our bid notifications so valuable that they pay to receive more notifications at the county, state, or national level. Learn more about increasing your coverage. 

Why don’t governments just keep their bids on their websites rather posting on DemandStar? 

Governments are required by law to publicly advertise bids, but struggle to find the right vendors for their projects. Often, agencies will purchase ads online or in newspapers to attract new suppliers – this isn’t always enough.

Through DemandStar, governments post bids that go to tens of thousands of suppliers for free.

By providing a free procurement community, we make it easier for both businesses and governments to source new opportunities. 

Why are bid downloads outside my subscription area $5? Isn’t that public information? 

Correct! Anyone can find bid information on government sites and in print/online media, but it’s a hassle to keep track of new bids and updates. Many businesses find it valuable to keep bids they’re interested in on one platform where they get notifications the moment a bid is updated.