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Make Your Bids More Competitive

Join DemandStar to access 150,000+ qualified suppliers already
doing business with governments like you.

It’s Better in the Network

Find out why hundreds of government agencies have already joined DemandStar.

Free for Governments

DemandStar is a free e-procurement solution for governments, no strings attached.

Triple Your Bid Responses

Governments average 3x more responses and save up to 15% on contracts.

Increase Your Productivity

Save hours every week with DemandStar’s comprehensive RFP software and contract management system.

Improve Supplier Diversity

Get instant access to diverse suppliers in your area.

Enhance Bid Accessibility

It’s never been easier to make your bid process publicly accessible.

Broadcast New Bids in Minutes

Easily Review and Award Bids Online

Receive bids through DemandStar, instead of your inbox. Easily review all bids and notify applicants from one, user-friendly procurement system.

  • Keep all your response documents organized and in one place.
  • Take advantage of our automatically generated tab sheets.
  • Send award notifications to all bidders in less than 30 seconds.
  • Track cumulative savings with comprehensive reports. Governments average 15% savings on contracts!

“The biggest benefit of using DemandStar is the helping hand of its employees. Improving our solicitation process and procurement is their goal. Priceless for new users.”

Silvia Mora, Senior Accountant
Indian Trail Improvement District

You’ll Be in Good Company

DemandStar is the fastest growing shared supplier network for government eProcurement.

With over 20 years of experience serving government partners and businesses of all sizes, buyers and sellers alike trust DemandStar to match the right suppliers to the right projects.

Governments large and small find DemandStar’s procurement software easy to use – and of course, it’s free.

Want to See It in Action?

Schedule a 15 minute demo to see how DemandStar can help you.

Our Support Team Is Here for You

Our experienced support team is here to help you succeed.

We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to make sure your questions are answered quickly and professionally. If you experience any issues while using DemandStar, you can call or email our support line.

Make Transparency Effortless

Give all suppliers a chance to see what you’ve been buying.

Automatically list of all bids posted by your agency.

DemandStar makes your procurement opportunities, bids, and awards transparent and accessible with no extra effort, reduce or eliminating FOIA requests.

  • Let new suppliers find your past and present procurement opportunities in public web searches.
  • Share a public link on your government website to your open procurement opportunities on DemandStar.
  • Automatically generate an audit trail for your procurement department.

We’ve used DemandStar for over 25 years. They continue to expand their services to meet the demands of a procurement office. It’s a great platform that is very affordable for bidders.

John O’Brien
Manager of Purchasing & Warehouse Operations
City of Vero Beach, Florida

“The partnership between DemandStar and FVTC is solidified through their direction and timely assistance”

Amy E. Mass
Procurement Coordinator
Fox Valley Technical College


Automatically notify suppliers of your bids and RFPs, and distribute bid specifications and blueprints online.


Receive responses to your bids and RFP solicitations with robust electronic bidding.


Solicit under-threshold quotes electronically. No need for multiple phone calls to suppliers.

Vendor Management

Identify vendors by Commodity Code, location, certifications, or self-declarations.

Procurement Acceleration

Research our ever-growing bid solicitation library of more than 200,000 specifications to develop your RFPs.

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