DemandStar Benefits

Why do more government agencies use DemandStar to streamline their procurement process and accept Electronic Bidding (E-bidding)?

Access More Qualified Suppliers

Connect to a vibrant community of qualified suppliers, increasing competition and control for your bids, RFPs, quotes and more.

Save Money and Increase Staff Productivity

Comprehensive online solicitation management tools, including bid broadcasting, tracking, management, plan/spec distribution and award notification. For Free.

Business Diversity

Powerful tools to manage and expand your supplier diversity program, with instant access to a community of small, minority, woman and veteran-owned businesses.

ADA Compliance

Make your bids, RFPs, and quotes Perceivable, Operable, Understandable, and Robust in less than 5 minutes

Disaster Recovery

Instant access to a large, diverse set of emergency suppliers that can jump in and help you manage through any natural disaster

Features of the Government Experience

What DemandStar does for you

Access to Quality Bids

Instant Notifications

Automatically and instantly notify suppliers of your bids and RFPs.

Online Process

Distribute bid specifications and blueprints online.


Track all bid activity.


Receive Responses

Receive responses to your bids and RFPs with robust electronic bidding (E-bidding).


Customize your process by adding your library of documents and forms for each supplier to complete on a universal and per-bid basis.

Control Access

Control access and visibility with sealed bids and other options.

Access to Quotes

Electronic Solicitation

Solicit quotes electronically – no need for multiple phone calls to suppliers.

Receive Quotes Electronically 

Receive quotes electronically, with automatic tabulation of responses with E-Bidding.

Evaluate Quotes Online

Evaluate quotes online quickly and easily.

Vendor Management

Free Access

The Power of Community: free access to a shared vendor registry across over 400 government partners.

Quick Registration

Register vendors for your agency quickly and easily.

Easy Identification

Identify vendors by Commodity Code.

Procurement Acceleration

Develop Bids

Research our ever-growing bid library of more than 110,000 specifications to develop your own bids and RFPs.

Collaboration Opportunities

Connect with your peers regarding piggybacking and collaboration opportunities.


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