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Government Agency Support

Get Help for Every Step of the Procurement Process

As part of DemandStar’s ongoing commitment to our agencies, we provide these resources to support your ongoing procurement needs.

Here you can find articles and videos to help guide you through many of DemandStar’s tools:

Procurement Planning

Get the most out of your bid and reach even more suppliers using DemandStar.

If you’re just starting a procurement project, search our database first to see if neighboring agencies posted a similar project.

Partnership Announcement Template

Bid Solicitation

Posting a bid or electronic bid (eBid) is easy to do with DemandStar.

Learn how to add keywords (commodity codes) to expand your reach to new suppliers and add an existing list of suppliers you know and trust.

When RFPs Are Too Long for Their Own Good

The Best Way to Increase Supplier Diversity

How to Post a Bid Announcement

What to Do if No One Responds to Your RFP

How to Create and Award a Quote


Agencies who use DemandStar reporting can show how much they saved on projects due to better competition and the diversity of suppliers reached.

End of Year Planning Tips for Procurement

Awarding a Bid

Awarding bids with the DemandStar Awards process saves time, prevents vendor confusion, and helps you stay organized.

See how the awards process helps you manage bid documents and send custom notifications to selected suppliers, unselected suppliers, and colleagues.

How to Efficiently Review RFP Bids

Contract Management

Download the PDF “How to Use DemandStar Contract Management in 5 Steps

Account Management

Manage your account settings within the DemandStar dashboard.

You can add multiple users with different permissions, update your subscription, and add frequently used publications to your bids.

Gather Your Preferred Vendors in One Place

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