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Using Procurement Automation to Find Government Work

Benefits of Procurement Automation to Find Government Work

As the trillion-dollar Infrastructure Bill makes its way through the negotiation and approval process, vendors should start considering how they will find and apply for those projects once they come through. We all know that the RFP process can be time-consuming, especially when applying for more than one job. Using procurement automation makes searching for new business easier with less effort. Setting up automation to find new business according to specific goods, services, and geography helps both established and emerging vendors find work more easily. 

The competition will be fierce for established contractors
Established government contractors who have relied on a handful of government agencies may suddenly find that those projects are not guaranteed. The competition for these funds will increase, as new and emerging vendors apply for projects and try to woo procurement agents with more competitive pricing. Government contractors may need to cast a wider net to make sure they are capturing as much of these dollars as possible, and procurement automation is a great way to do that. An online procurement network like DemandStar can help vendors take advantage of automation tools to see and apply for as many jobs as possible. Once your profile is created, you can adjust your settings to receive email updates of every RFP in your area that fits your services. This way you won’t miss opportunities or hunt for jobs on physical job boards or in newspapers.  

Procurement Automation will help emerging vendors tame the information wave
Emerging suppliers who are looking for government projects for the first time might find it overwhelming to sort through every single RFP and determine if their services apply. Automated bid notification through a procurement network provides a variety of benefits, including the opportunity to create a profile and only be notified of those jobs that fit your offerings. Additionally, it allows small business owners, who are trying to break into government work the ability to save time by creating one central application hub and submitting bids online. With competitive insights, emerging vendors can see which other companies downloaded the bid and submitted responses. This particularly helps in the identification of low competitive bids. When used correctly, automated bid notifications give vendors immediate notice of opportunities and prepare them for the influx of projects that will come from the proposed infrastructure plan.  

Automation generates more wins
Whether you’re an established government contractor or an emerging vendor, automating things like bid notifications on an established procurement network will be key in helping you find and secure as many government projects as possible.

How has your existing procurement automation network helped to secure government contracts? Are you already using an automated procurement system to help you find and track government work? Share your experience at, and sign up for our newsletter to stay informed!