Agency Support

Tips and best practices to help your agency make your bids more competitive.

Learn how to:

Get started with DemandStar

New to DemandStar? Be sure to download and review our user guide. It will walk you through everything you need to know about how to use DemandStar.

How to invite your existing suppliers to bids

Add your existing suppliers, post your bid to DemandStar, then have your supplier network notified automatically.

How to reach more suppliers using commodity codes

Attract thousands of the right vendors to your government bid. Add commodity codes to make your bid or solicitation stand out on DemandStar.

How to improve your bids by researching bids from other agencies

Find similar bid postings. Read other solicitation documents. Search relevant commodity codes. Download other agencies’ supplier lists. Connect with procurement colleagues. Do this all for free (yes, really) on DemandStar.

How to award a bid on DemandStar

When you award a bid on DemandStar, you can notify all plan holders of the awarded bid status via email, proactively add the awarded details to the bids page for suppliers, eliminate future FOIA requests, and more intuitively add external suppliers.

How to add free users to your account

Improve your government bid collaboration. Add more users to your DemandStar procurement platform for free.