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Need Storage? Find a Place (and a Partner) for Your Excess Equipment

Government procurement agents have been working overtime securing a wide variety of necessary items. Personal protective equipment (PPE), medical supplies, cleaning supplies, even school supplies such as extra desks and chairs have been needed in greater volume from a variety of state, local, and education (SLED) departments. Since these items are being purchased at considerable volume, it’s likely that individual government offices will not have the needed equipment storage space. Additionally, they may be participating in shared resources purchasing networks, so looking for a centralized location easily accessible by all entities sharing resources is appealing. How can government agents find a place (and a partner) for all this excess equipment? Here are some storage tips to help guide you.

Determine your needs
The first step will be to determine your needs. How much storage space is required and what is your budget? There may be an opportunity to pool your resources with other departments and rent one collective space as opposed to finding your own individual space. Consider how items need to be stored. For a variety of smaller items, a simple shelving system may work. Larger items may require pallets and forklifts. Medical supplies or food items could need refrigeration. Think in advance of ordering and determine what is needed to store all of your items before looking for a storage facility. 

Think outside the box
Traditional storage facilities are wonderful for certain types of storage needs, but they aren’t the only game in town. IMany storefronts or private warehouses have unfortunately had to close, and it’s unlikely that new businesses will be leasing those spots in the near future. Commercial real estate landlords might be interested in extending short-term rental of one of those spots which could be the right fit. Some may have shelving already built-in. In the case of empty restaurants, there may be refrigeration and temperature control units already installed. Pop-up shops have been widespread over the last few years but, depending on location, may not be able to operate at this time. Landlords will likely be thrilled to have some income flowing in from a reduced rental rate on property that would otherwise sit empty. Additionally, locations in a strip mall or free-standing warehouse with an outside entrance will allow for easy access to your stock. 

All about that space
As government procurement agents keep up high-volume ordering, they will have the added task of finding storage for the incoming items. It could be construction equipment storage that needs space for heavy machinery to have space. By keeping their options open and with a bit of research, they may be able to find a unique solution that’s the right fit. 

Are you a government procurement agent who needs to store a large quantity of excess equipment? What unique solutions have you found to your storage needs?