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Are You Stuck Using Excel? Technology Tools to Help Procurement Officers

By: Ben Vaught

Excel has its benefits, and it offers a lot of functionality, but it should not be your one and only procurement tool. There are a variety of technology solutions that can help procurement agents stay organized and streamline workflow. The right technology tool will obviously depend on the type of procurement needed (fleet management will require different functionality than ordering supplies), or what the end goal might be (such as guiding the workflow or providing a self-service portal). No matter what the need, check out these technology tools for a better experience than Excel. 

Self-service portals – These types of tools are user-friendly and allow requests to be entered directly into procurement by requestors. The procurement agent can set everything up, including approved goods providers and even an order schedule. This is a great option for schools or other government buildings that need to order materials such as cleaning products, stocking restrooms, or office supplies.

Telematics – Procurement officers need to be on top of the latest innovations in fleet technology so their organizations remain efficient, competitive, and compliant. The science of telematics technology has come a long way in the past five to 10 years, and it’s often up to the procurement officer to understand where the fleet management industry is going in order to supply their team with the proper tools. These data-sharing systems “connect” vehicles by providing actionable insights in real-time. The data can be programmed to improve safety, track a vehicle’s location, schedule maintenance, and even alert the officer when it’s time to procure a new vehicle.