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Local Agency eBidding Benefits in Georgia

Benefits of eBidding system in Georgia

Georgia is booming, with several areas experiencing rapid population growth. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, not only is Atlanta one of the fastest-growing large cities over the last decade, growing by 18.7 percent, but small Southern towns grew by 6.7 percent. With an increase in population both in Atlanta and in the suburbs, it can be challenging for local agencies such as cities, school boards, municipal water authorities, and even public health and safety departments to find the vendors and products they need. As conventions have been postponed or canceled, traditional procurement networks might not always be the best fit for local procurement. Here are a few benefits of eBidding systems for local Georgia agencies.

Find more local and nationwide vendors
It can be hard to find local vendors, especially now. Georgia procurement agents may be looking for a supplier, and not realize that a more capable vendor is located a hop, skip, and a jump away in Augusta or Savannah. eBidding is a great way to reach a wider range of more diverse vendors, as often vendors that match the RFP parameters receive an email direct to their inbox alerting them to the opportunity. Additionally, for those procurement needs that don’t require an on-site vendor, local Georgia agencies can connect with vendors across the U.S. to get the best fit at the lowest price.

Let the algorithm do the work
A growing city can need a lot of procurement assistance. From new construction to larger product orders, procurement agents in Georgia are likely to be busy! Tapping an eBidding platform will give procurement agents access to an algorithm that will save them loads of time. Procurement agents will be able to select a variety of criteria including certification requirements or budget parameters and allow the system to only deliver those bids that meet the set standards. Instead of pouring overbid after bid, this type of scalable feature can be as broad or as precise as needed, giving procurement agents the tools they need to save time and receive the best matches.

Digital is easier for vendors
Digital RFPs can also make it easier for local and small vendors to respond, providing an opportunity to connect with options across the state of Georgia who may not be able to see your job posting board. By embracing a digital process, procurement agents enable vendors to use a streamlined system where they can save and alter previous bids for a more rapid response time. Also, once a vendor has been selected, procurement agents can send out an update through the system so vendors aren’t left wondering if the selection process is ongoing. 

Complimentary account
Georgia procurement registry can become easier and many eBidding providers, like DemandStar, will provide governments and small businesses with free accounts. This means there are no added costs to local government agencies, and that many vendors can connect for free as well. If you are a Georgia procurement agent that has tried an eBidding system to help you meet the increasing needs of your department, get free access to DemandStar vendors today.