Palmdale Oil Company uses DemandStar to provide the City of Tarpon Springs with Fuel for Tarpon Springs Fire District

July 10, 2019

About Palmdale Oil

Palmdale Oil Company caters to the commercial fuel needs of a variety of customers in many different industries. Palmdale provides reliable fuel services, lubricants, and other fleet service products to customers throughout the State of Florida.
Lach Cheatham serves as the company’s president and is responsible for managing their government bidding process. He has been with the company since 2010.

The Challenge

The City of Tarpon Springs released a bid in early March, 2019, for 3,000 gallons of fuel for Fire Station #71. Three short weeks later, they sent out an addendum which stated that they now needed 8,000 gallons of fuel because they were now buying for multiple fire stations within the city. The bid scraping system they were using did a great job of delivering bids, but anytime that the bids were amended, the notice of amendment was not included in their service.

The Solution

Lach realized immediately that he wasn’t getting amendments and reached out directly to the City of Tarpon Springs, who indicated that they post all of their bids AND their amendments to DemandStar. DemandStar then utilizes it’s online marketplace of suppliers and agencies to deliver the notices to suppliers across the country, right to their inbox – connecting them directly with the government agencies and the projects they want to know about.

The Result

The City of Tarpon Springs posted a successful bid request and Palmdale Oil was able to successfully respond. As a result, the City of Tarpon Springs Fire Department was properly fueled to serve their community and save lives.

About DemandStar

DemandStar builds communities by connecting governments quickly and efficiently with quality suppliers. Founded in 1998, we pioneered the online marketplace concept for bidding on government contracts and now serve as the gateway for partnership between agencies and suppliers throughout the United States. For more information visit or call 206.940.0305.


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