School, City & County Government Agencies Flock to Online Marketplaces to Post Jobs Related to Coronavirus (COVID-19) Network

April 1, 2020

Needing Assistance Quickly, Agencies Move to the Modern Approach of E-Bidding for Increased Response & Efficiency

Seattle, Wash. (April 2, 2020)DemandStar, the online network connecting local and national suppliers with government procurement officers, has seen rapid movement within the procurement industry as a result of local, regional and state needs in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Agencies, including the Detroit Public Schools, Virginia Beach Public Schools, City of Mount Dora, Martin County School District, Alachua County, Town of Southwest Ranches, and KC Board of Public Utilities, are now able to post bids that are immediately emailed to the appropriate businesses who provide the requested item or services.

“Businesses of every kind are undergoing a complete transformation and need for increased speed, management of demand, and creativity in order to continue conducting business during this unprecedented time of crisis,” said Ben Vaught, CEO of DemandStar. “Government agencies are now seeking new or greater goods and services than previously required. In joining online procurement marketplaces, agencies are seeing increased competition for jobs posted and are able to navigate and complete the bidding process in a much more seamless way that is free of frustration and inadequacies.”

Today’s changing business landscape underscores the need for all businesses to move into a new era where things can be done from remote environments. There are still government agencies across the country who are working with outdated processes that are inefficient and costly. By updating their workflows to modern online processes, officials now have access to a shared American supplier network and can spend valuable time focused on other areas of growth for their business.

Agencies and businesses looking to join online procurement marketplaces like DemandStar can learn more at

DemandStar builds communities by connecting government agencies quickly and efficiently with quality suppliers of all sizes. Founded in 1998, they pioneered the online marketplace concept for bidding on government contracts and now serves as the gateway for B2B partnerships between government agencies and suppliers both locally and nationally throughout the United States. For more information or for government agencies and suppliers interested in joining DemandStar’s network, please visit or call (206) 940-0305.



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