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Reach More Suppliers Instantly with FREE Electronic Bidding (eBidding) on the DemandStar Network.

More Governments Trust DemandStar to Streamline their Procurement Processes and Accept Electronic Bidding (eBidding).

Reach More Suppliers

Connect to a vibrant community of qualified suppliers, increasing competition and control for your bids, RFPs, Quotes and More.

Access to Quality Bids

Instantly notify suppliers of your bids and RFPs. Distribute bid specs and blueprints online & track all bid activity. In one spot.

eBidding and Quotes

Receive responses, customize your supplier documents and control access with custom visibility features.

Vendor Management

Free access to shared vendors across nearly 500 government partners,register vendors quickly and easily, and search for additional vendors by commodity code.

Procurement Acceleration

Develop bids by researching over 100,00 specifications to create custom templates for your RFPs.

Free and Easy to Implement

DemandStar is free for government procurement agencies and can be implemented in 15 minutes. There are no long-term contracts and no additional fees.

Create eBids Quickly

Post bids electronically and send them to suppliers instantly.

Select and Notify Suppliers

Choose from our extensive network of suppliers AND easily upload your own list.

Control Access

Decide which documents you want to be available and to whom.

View Responses

Easily see responses from multiple suppliers.

Post Awards

Post award documents and tab sheets easily and quickly – and notify planholders instantly.

Robust Reporting and Analytics

Easily pull reports and create an audit trail.

Research Bids and Specs Quickly

Build templates and use documents from other agency members in the DemandStar Network.


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